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Doge 80 trabattello professionale in alluminio

Aluminum scaffolding Doge 80 Facal


Aluminum scaffolding DOGE 80 FACAL

Professional aluminum scaffolding doge 80 base size 122x218 working height from mt. 4.40 to 14.14

The scaffolding is supplied in accordance with EN 1004 Complete with worktops according to the chosen height, toeboard and other items shown in the table below.

Select the height in the bottom window.

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Altezza lavoro: : Mt. 4.40 cod. DC8/1CEN
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logo doge 80 trabattello facal in alluminio

 logo trabattello doge classe 3

Doge 80 scaffolding by FACAL is built in all its parts in the Facal factories and the scaffolding has been designed for highly professional and intensive use and is certified in class 3 in accordance with EN 1004.

The indicated price of the doge 80 scaffolding is complete with worktops and stabilizing rods as required by the EN 1004 standard (see table attached below for reference to the chosen height)  To get the price of the doge 80 scaffolding only structure without worktops and toe band do not hesitate to contact us HERE

The scaffolding is very fast in assembly, in fact it goes from 6 minutes to the smallest measure of mt. 3.64 up to 38 minutes for the assembly of the scaffolding at a maximum size of 14.40.

DOGE 80 is the large professional aluminum scaffolding with oversized square bars 40x40 mm. that connect the wide uprights of the shoulders without the need for additional reinforcements.

Cast aluminum crosses and lateral crossbeams tie each riser.

Spalletta in alluminio doge 80 facal

Shoulders 109 cm. and crossbars 40x40 mm. with 25x80mm uprights for a large load without any need for additional reinforcement. spare parts of the shoulder and other parts are always available in stock and years later.

The base is designed to withstand high pressures and loads, in addition to the super reinforced structure in cast aluminum, it also has an additional reinforcement with white and red signaling adhesive.

The wheels are as per current legislation with nylon core and edge in anti-mark neopropylene with double parking brake. The levelers allow you to level the scaffolding where it has uneven or uneven ground (Attention the levelers are not standard equipment of the scaffolding but can be added from the accessories section at the top)

base doge 80 in alluminio facal

Fascia fermapiede e piano di lavoro trabattello doge80

Worktop with aluminum frame and wooden walking surface Eurodeck melamine non-slip and water-resistant FSC standard: Standard for sustainable forest management.

EXCLUSIVE: Folding toe band in aluminum, single body !!

Tabella dotazione doge 80 in alluminio

Doge 80 configurations and assembly rules with reference to UNI EN 1004

1) The first floor from the ground must be positioned at a maximum of 4.40 meters. Height between successive floors mt. 4

2) The protection kit is mandatory on the parking or work surface and also on the passage floors.

3) The foot stop is mandatory only on the parking or work surface

4) A minimum of 2 people are required to assemble and disassemble the scaffold


Assembly instructions doge 80

Brochure catalog in pdf

Doge 80 polytechnic certificate

Tuv certified

: DOGE80
Hurry! only 9999 items left in stock.

Data sheet

250x110 cm
Europea EN 1004
Italiana D.Lgs 81/08
Doge 80

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