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Aluminum bunk ladder Palco Light


Bunk staircase Mod. Palco Light

Fixed step ladder and aluminum wheels

Warning: if you choose to add the second handrail from the accessories menu, it must only be inserted starting from the 5-step light stage staircase

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The staircase is made of ribbed extruded aluminum, has a large work platform. The protective guard-body that protects the operator on 3 sides is 1 meter high. In painted steel are the joining plates between the ramp, back and platform. The ladder is supplied disassembled and, following the instruction booklet, it can be easily assembled. To allow the operator to approach the front of the wall, the backrest is almost perpendicular to the ground.
It has automatic braking system: it is active when the ladder in working position; deactivates as soon as the ladder is raised.

The ladder is produced in accordance with Italian standards and complies with the use according to the Legislative Decree n.81 / 2008. It is tested by the German TUV GS.


'¢ Basic stabilizer starting from 5 steps
'¢ Steel self-locking screws and nuts
'¢ Ladder supplied disassembled
'¢ Reinforcement crossbars on the base steps
'¢ 1 Handrail
'¢ Steel reinforcement bars
'¢ Labels and user and maintenance manual
'¢ Shrink packaging with poster
'¢ Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations


'¢ Ribbed aluminum profiles: C profile ramp mm 85x20' boxed back mm 70x25
'¢ Step (depth) steps: cm 8
'¢ Capacity: 150 kg (including 1 person)
'¢ Step (distance between) steps: 23 cm
'¢ Parapet height: 100 cm
'¢ Toeboard height: 15 cm
'¢ Increased painted wooden platform: 61x78 cm
'¢ Ramp width: 60 cm
'¢ Ascent ramp inclination: 67 °
'¢ Wheel diameter: 80 mm
'¢ n. steps: from 3 to 8
'¢ Platform heights: from 0.63 m to 1.68 m


'¢ Second additional handrail
'¢ Pre-assembled staircase

Hurry! only 99999 items left in stock.