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Fall protection railing multi-position tessellable MH22


Parapet Anti fall Cod. MH22

Temporary protection parapet for slabs that can be tessellated in various vertical horizontal positions also allows for an inclined position

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Railing with anti-fall device with plate fixing both horizontally and vertically.

Multiposition fall protection parapet The parapet can be positioned in several situations; on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces up to a maximum of 30 °. The installation is very easy, in fact it is fixed with 4 M 10 anchors, and the connection between the upright and the plate is guaranteed by M 10 x 50 TE screws and with M10 self-locking nuts supplied by the company. In position "C" the upright must be fixed to the plate by means of a screw on the jumper and by inserting the inverted bracket of the same. The upright has a useful height of 1300 mm in positions "A and B" and height 1100 mm in position "C". The last L-shaped bracket, must be positioned once the parapet is installed, in the lowest possible position, thus making the toe-stopper practically in contact with the work surface, so that any slipping of objects does not fall towards the void.

disegno tecnico parapetto MH 22

immagine inclinato

Universal parapet that allows, by moving the inclination of the rod, to be installed on flat or inclined and even vertical surfaces.

The parapet MH 22 consisting of a 50x30x2 tubular upright and fixed on a steel plate by means of an articulated jumper which allows the rod to be fixed in different positions, depending on the surface on which it is fixed. The railing MH 22 is installed by means of 4 anchors.

Technical features

Useful height: 120 cm
Tubular railing section: 50x30x2 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Certification: UNI EN 13374: 2004 CLASS A and B
Center distance between uprights: 180 cm


: MH22
Hurry! only 9848 items left in stock.