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Semi-professional scaffolding

Here you will find a series of models all semi-professional with various heights from Mt. 2 to 6.70 of work, the models listed are used in multiple applications from painting to renovation, from plant engineering to gardening for interiors to outdoor environments, and aimed at professionals operators of cited sectors or simple do-it-yourself lovers.


  • Scaffold tris

    Scaffolding range tris basic dimensions 0.80 x 1.30 Mt. of simple and compact overall, a real splinter in the assembly and in moving in the corridors or narrow spaces the tris trestle and ideal for the semi-professional or professional who deal with work in interiors but yes well suited to gardening work or for all the applications a DIY lover needs every day.

  • Scaffold Stark

    This category includes the models of Stark iron scaffolds suitable for indoor or outdoor environments with leveled floors. The scaffold is extremely rigid and guarantees stability without comparison, it can reach a height of 6.30 meters. working with the Stark Plus version. While with the basic version the stark model reaches a working height of mt. 4.70. The line of stark rolling scaffolds are mounted very quickly thanks to its quick hooks and is ideal for painting or painting facades or electrical maintenance etc.

  • Scaffold Maxi tris

    Scaffolding range maxi tris basic dimensions 0.80 x 1.60 Mt. comfortable overall dimensions and fast assembly can reach a maximum height with parapet of mt.5,00 of encumbrance and allows to work maximum at mt. 5.80 working and ideal for the professional for internal works or for the semi-professional for internal and external works or for the private individual who uses it for a quick painting or for gardening jobs or even for plant engineering or gutter assembly work, etc. etc.

  • Scaffold Real

    Scaffolding range Real basic dimensions 0.80 x 1.60 Mt. of overall dimensions, equipped with four swivel wheels, it quickly reaches great heights with few pieces in fact its maximum working height is 5.40 Mt. and overall dimensions mt. 4.40 equipped each span with 4 diagonals for a greater hold and established a wide range of accessories in each product. Suitable for all professionals in the building industry of painting and plant engineering but also for gardening cleaning and pruning palm trees and trees and for all the various uses of DIY given its not excessive cost.

  • Scaffold Full

    Range of scaffolds Full basic dimensions 0.80 x 1.60 Mt. of overall dimensions easy to assemble and dismantle minimum dimensions in transport speed in assembly disassembly. The full scaffolding can reach a maximum working height of 6.70 m with swivel wheels and fixed wheels of mm. 125. Possibility of inserting levelers that, in addition to leveling the scaffolding in height differences, increase the base depth and therefore also the stability of the scaffolding itself. In each product you will find a wide range of accessories that complete it.

  • Aluminum scaffolding

    Semiprofessional aluminum rolling scaffolds are designed for heights not exceeding 7 meters in height and aimed at semi-professionals in the painting or renovation sector but also for the most demanding DIY. Extremely light and easy to assemble, they make all the scaffolding in this category very versatile and adaptable to any small work or renovation.

  • Semi-professional...

    Accessories for semi-professional scaffolding

  • Semi-professional...

    In this section you will find all the spare parts referring to semi-professional scaffolding such as rubbers, caps, wheels, various components etc. The category is constantly increasing with articles to serve you an excellent after-sales service for our scaffolding.

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PISCOPIELLO PONTEGGI Scaffold maxi tris h. 3.86 Mt. Working

Maxi tris scaffolding code MT275

Maxi tris scaffolding working height mt. 3.86 basic dimensions 0.80x1.60 m. (only 3 minutes for assembly)

On this article you can choose in the windows below the basic Plus version for outdoor or standard while in the levelers window you can choose to insert the levelers only if you have selected the Plus base for outdoor

PISCOPIELLO PONTEGGI Scaffold Maxi tris h. 5.10 Mt. Working

Maxi tris scaffolding cod.MT400MP

Scaffolding Maxi tris H work mt. 5.10 basic dimensions 0.78x1.60 m. Complete with 1 half worktop 40x149 cm in water-repellent and non-slip birch plywood

On this article you can choose the basic version in the windows below: Plus for outdoors or standard while in the levelers window you can choose to insert the levelers only if you have selected the Plus base.