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Fall protection railings

Safety parapets of temporary protection in galvanized iron completely in accordance with the law. Many models of railings of Italian production quality at the lowest prices on the market!


  • Parapets for flat...

    Riser security system with parapet indicated for fixing on beam and exclusive on flat roofs. The anchoring system must be done either with a vice or plugs. Certified products and Italian production.

  • Parapets for sloping...

    Provisional protection systems against accidental fall for pitched wooden roofs with beam mounting with vice or with dowels according to the selected models.

  • Parapets for pitched...

    Fall protection parapets for inclined pitched pitched roofs with clamp or fixing system. Italian production and discounted prices based on the quantities purchased.

  • Parapets for vertical...

    Railings for curbs and vertical veils according to Italian standards in galvanized iron, excellent prices and discounts based on quantities purchased. The parapets for vertical curbs can be clamped or fixed with dowels.

  • Parapets for flat slabs

    Anti-fall parapets for temporary protection for flat slabs. Railings certified according to the law built in galvanized steel. Discounts on quantities

  • Permanent roof parapets

    Parapets for securing the roof. In this category you can see the TEMPORARY PARAPETS of various types and types FOLDING FIXED AND UNFORGETTABLE. Check out our railings complete with accessories to secure the roof of your company or building.

  • Delimitation parapets
  • Accessory parapets

    Fall protection railing accessories, here you will find the accessories for permanent and temporary fall protection parapets

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