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Parapet for horizontal vertical and inclined planes 0/40 MH90


Fall protection parapet for roofs MH-90 for horizontal and inclined planes

For insoles from 0 to 40 cm

10 pcs minimum purchasable

Galvanized and certified parapet

Automatic discounts for quantities 30-50-70-100 PCS

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Parapet Fall arrest device for horizontal and inclined planes with clamping from 0 to 40 cm. The railing MH 90 is a protection system against falls from above, suitable for horizontal and inclined surfaces, particularly suitable for roofs. The railing consists mainly of a vice, with a maximum opening of 400 mm and depth always 440 mm, and an upright 1200 mm high, it has the possibility of being inclined, up to a maximum of 35 °, to compensate for the slope of the roof. The same goes for the mosaic arm with a maximum inclination of 35 °, in this case with respect to the horizontal plane. The cold galvanizing treatment with a thickness of 20 to 40 microm is practiced on the parapet. The weight of the parapet is 12.5 kg

scheda parapetto

Parapet designed to be used on horizontal and inclined surfaces, with a large space between the upright and the jaws, so that it can also be used in the presence of particularly bulky eaves (useful space 40 cmx40 cm). Parapet consisting essentially of a vice in tubular 80x30x2 which thanks to a jumper allows it to be used on horizontal and inclined surfaces up to 30 °. The upper part of the vice is also inclinable from 0 to 30 °.

Certified product

Technical features 
Useful height      120
Vice opening      0 cm - 40 cm
Riser tube      50x30x2
Piantona tube   60x30x2
Parapet weight      12.5 kg
Certification EN UNI 13374:2004 classe A+B
Center distance of the uprights      180 cm


Hurry! only 10000 items left in stock.