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Trabattello in alluminio professionale facal capo1

Aluminum scaffold CAPO-1 Facal


CAPO-1 ALUMINUM Professional Scaffolding FROM mt. 2.68 A 12.04 H Work

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Basamento : Standard
H. lavoro : Mt. 2,68
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The CAPO 1 scaffolding is structured entirely in aluminum with a large tubular dimension (Ø 50 mm welded) but of limited dimensions suitable for monumental renovation construction works, decorations, plant engineering both indoors and outdoors. The scaffolding allows a very quick assembly with diagonal and vertical junctions with special automatic couplings in cast aluminum.

The dimensions of the Capo-1 Facal scaffolding are:

Base dimensions 161x77 cm.

Structure size 156x73 cm.

Worktop dimensions 143x60 cm.

The bases as shown in the photos below can have 3 variants: -Standar, -Adjustable, -Realable.

base trabattello capo

  • Standard base
    Cod. C1-BST
    2 basic heads with wheels + 2
    shoulders 6 steps + 2 horizontal
    + 2 diagonals
    kg: 28.50 kg, vol. : 0.21 m3, Packages: 1
    EAN 8028406103509

  • Leveling base

Cod. C1-BPI
2 basic heads with wheels + 2
shoulders 6 steps + 1 garden gate 
base + 1 horizontal crossbar
kg: 30,40 kg, vol. : 0.36 m3
, Packages: 1
EAN 8028406103516

    base richiudibile capo facal

  • Folding Base (foldable)                                                       

Cod. C1-BLI

2 leveling shoulders 6 steps + 2
horizontal + 2 diagonals
kg: 38.00 kg, vol. : 0.36 m3, Packages: 1

EAN 8028406103523       

base richiudibile capo facal

                              Composition and height table

Tabella composizione capoi

Piano di lavoro trabattello capo facal

Aluminum top with foot traffic

Eurodeck melamine wood
non-slip and water-resistant.
EXCLUSIVE: toe band
aluminum folding, single body !!

Scaffolding documents download
Immagine capo
: C1
Hurry! only 9999 items left in stock.

Data sheet

169x94 cm
Europea EN 1004
Italiana D.Lgs 81/08

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