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Aluminum scaffold Roller Plus L Module A Height L. 2.90 mt.


Aluminum scaffoldig Roller Plus L working height mt. 2.90
Module A Base size 200x105 cm. Worktop 186x80 cm
The maximum of professionalism composed with uprights of diam. 50 mm. and welded aluminum crosspieces with uprights with quick-fit aluminum cast hooks. 

Video module A See below for more details.

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Roller L scaffolding in aluminum alloy

The high-quality professional Roller scaffold L ideal for professional jobs where strength and practicality go hand in hand. Highly professional scaffold composed of 50 mm uprights and knurled steps welded to the uprights every 30 cm. The Roller Plus L scaffolding differs from the others for its large work surface due to the rapidity of module A for positioning and working.

If added to modules B, C, D, the Roller Plus scaffold can reach a height of 7.70 m. of work

The module A of the Roller L scaffold , that is, the basic module, as shown in the image below, can be folded up on itself, thus saving assembly time and minimum overall dimensions.

base roller s svelt

The Svelt Roller Plus L scaffolding has a fast coupling system between the horizontals of the uprights which ensure the scaffolding ends and rigidity as well as the impressive speed of assembly and disassembly of the same.

Aggancio rapido roller svelt

Roller L characteristics and heights Module A 
Working height mt. 2.90 
Overall height mt. 1.70 
Height to the floor mt. 0.91 
Base overall dimensions 200x105 cm. 
Platform size with trapdoor 186x80 cm. Kg. 16.50 
4 swivel wheels 125 mm.
Capacity Kg./m2 200 (including 2 people) 

Composition Scaffolding Roller L Module A + B
MODULE A N.1 resealable module (5 gr) equipped with n. 4 wheels
pivoting with brake ø 125, n.1 walking surface with trap door. 

Roller Plus catalog 

Roller plus technical sheet 

Other compositions possible with the roller with the possible addition of modules B C or D

composizione roller

Hurry! only 79 items left in stock.

Data sheet

da 2 a 3 mt
200x105 cm
Europea EN 1004
Italiana D.Lgs 81/08