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Aluminum bunk ladder Ponte


Bunk staircase Mod. PONTE

Fixed professional ladder, two climbing trunks, oversized wheels and steps

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The Ponte ladder is made of ribbed extruded aluminum with a working platform, 1 meter high protection guard which protects the operator on the free sides and toe-rests. The ramp is wide and comfortable with an inclination of 55 °, the flat steps are non-slip with a depth of 20 cm and 23 cm apart from each other.

The ladder is supplied disassembled but can be easily assembled using the detailed instruction booklet (assembly cost is not included in the price).

The brake system is active when the ladder is in operation in the working position and the operator is on the ladder. It is deactivated as soon as the operator descends. The ladder must be braked before climbing for additional safety.
The ladder must not be moved with people, objects and / or material on board.
It is produced according to Italian standards and complies with the use according to the Legislative Decree n.81 / 2008. It is tested by the German GS.


'¢ Step (depth) steps: 20 cm
'¢ Capacity: 150 kg (including 1 person)
'¢ Ramp profile: 58x25 mm
'¢ Step (distance between) steps: 20 cm
'¢ Parapet height: 100 cm
'¢ Toeboard height: 6 cm
'¢ Increased platform: 60x80 cm
'¢ Ramp width: 60 cm
'¢ Climbing ramp inclination: 55 °
'¢ Diameter of brake wheels: 125 mm
'¢ n. steps: from 4 to 8
'¢ Platform heights: from 0.96 m to 1.92 m


'¢ Parapet on 2 free sides
'¢ Toe clips
'¢ 2 wheels with brake + 2 self-braking wheels
'¢ Labels and user and maintenance manual
'¢ Shrink packaging with poster
'¢ Test certificate according to Italian regulations


'¢ Optional ramp handrails (starting from the 4 steps)
'¢ Tool tray
'¢ Ladder without wheels
'¢ Pre-assembled staircase
'¢ Grilled iron steps


If the work platform exceeds one meter in height, it is mandatory to equip the handrail ladder on both sides.

Hurry! only 99999 items left in stock.