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V6 Double step staircase with two climbing trunks


V6 Double step staircase with two climbing trunks.
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Gradini : 6
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The Fiberglass Series is built to EN131 standards and tested by the Milan Polytechnic.

These are trestle ladders with fiberglass uprights and non-slip extruded ribbed aluminum steps, for professional use, built by riveting the steps to the uprights with 8 rivets per step. A system that permanently fixes the steps to the uprights and avoids the oscillation effect that over time the stairs meet whose steps are riveted with fewer rivets.
They are suitable for operators who find themselves working near cables, sockets or other sources of electricity.

• Step between the steps 25 cm
• 8 cm non-slip flat steps
• C-pillars 82x27 mm
• Load capacity 150 kg
• Number of steps: from 6 to 12
• Gantry heights: from 1.50 m to 3.00 m

• Rigid bars in galvanized steel anti-opening / closing
• Ergonomic oversized pads in non-slip PVC
• Reinforcement bars on the steps
• Labels and user and maintenance manual
• Shrink wrap packaging with poster
• Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations

The UNIEN131 European standard prohibits stopping on the last 2 steps in the absence of a bodyguard.
The platform has a step.

• Look-body
• Handrails (1 to 4)
• Wheel kit (2 or 4)

These exceptional accessories allow a comfortable and safe professional use. With the optional aluminum parapet it is possible to use the staircase up to the penultimate step with a valid support and a feeling of safety and comfort that increase productivity. The shift wheels (2 or 4) allow you to move even the heaviest stairs quickly in order to save time and effort. The handrails (1 to 4) allow a comfortable grip when climbing.

The optional accessories are supplied in kits to be screwed to stairs already prepared with holes directly from the factory. It is therefore essential to order the accessories together with the ladder. Anyone wishing to apply the
accessories on products already in its possession will have to autonomously drill the ladder.

Accessories applicable on:
P1- P1Plus - Point - Point Plus - Point Large - Point Large Plus - V6

n. m m m  
6 1,50 1,40 3,40 7,50
8 2,00 1,86 3,86 10,50
10 2,50 2,32 4,32 13,50
12 3,00 2,81 4,81 21,60
: V6
Hurry! only 999 items left in stock.