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LUXE 1 simple support ladder with a ladder


Luxe1 Simple support ladder with a ladder with "comfortable tread".

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Luxe1 Simple support ladder with a ladder with "comfortable tread".

Luxe1 is equipped on both sides with 4 oversized ergonomic pads to be fixed with a rivet. This prevents swabs from being lost. The staircase is symmetrical and can also be used upside down. The foot rests on rungs always parallel to the ground. This gives the user maximum comfort.

The Deluxe Series is built in ribbed aluminum, to EN131 standards and tested by the Milan Polytechnic. It is the top of the range series with exceptional equipment, comfort and sizing. All profiles are oversized (67/84/100 mm) to obtain maximum rigidity. The 2 and 3 element models can also be used lame on stairways or laterally adjusted on sidewalks or height differences.

De Luxe is a series of transformable stairs in extruded ribbed aluminum for intensive professional use built with an advanced automatic edge-wrapping system that permanently fixes the steps to the uprights with a "sandwich" effect.
with 1, 2 and 3 elements that can be used with extension and stand.

• Section rungs 30x30 mm
• Step between the rungs 30 cm
• Load capacity 150 kg
• Number of rungs: from 7 to 17
• Trunk width 42.3 cm
• Heights: from 2.30 m to 5.30 m

• Non-slip rubber pads to put on
• Labels and user and maintenance manual
• Shrink wrap packaging with poster
• Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations


: Luxe1
Hurry! only 9999999 items left in stock.