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Ladder bunk Castellana Stretta


Aluminum bunk ladder with parapet. The staircase is particularly suitable for corridors or narrow spaces thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions that are only 75 cm wide

Equipped with anti-tip ballast.

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Castellana Slim

Ultra-compact aluminum turret staircase ideal for narrow corridors, equipped with anti-tipping ballast
The Castellana slim staircase is equipped with 2 wheels, 2 armrests, platform, tool tray, side handrails, foot stops and body guard.

The ladder was produced according to the Italian law D.Lgs.81 / 08 exclusively for professional use and is built in ribbed extruded aluminum. The steps are welded to the uprights to create a single rigid body.

Castellana slim is ideal between the shelves of warehouses, on special machinery, at airports, in gyms and between cemetery niches where there is no space to use standard cemetery stairs.

The staircase is the ultra-compact version of the CASTELLANA SVELT series specially designed and built for the narrow corridors of warehouses, supermarkets, storage centers, where narrow but not ballasted bunk ladders are normally used and therefore dangerous for the operator's safety.
The bulky stabilizer has been replaced by a ballast which gives the ladder the stability necessary to prevent it from overturning with normal use. Obviously the ladder becomes permanent and cannot be closed after use. The wide ramp, the guardrail body of 100 cm and the large aluminum work platform 53x67 cm allow it to be used as a bunk ladder.
It is in fact equipped with reinforcement rods that also act as lifting handles.
The reinforcement rods support an interlocking slide, which contains the anti-tip ballast. Equipped with 2 125 mm diameter wheels, they allow the movement of the ladder with human push.

The wheel brake system is automatic and is activated when the ladder is in operation in the working position. (i.e. when the operator climbs the ladder)
As soon as the ladder is raised by means of the special handles for movement, the stop pads are raised allowing the PVC wheels to slide on the ground.


Tabella scala castellana slim

• Reinforcement rods (act as lifting handles and support for ballast)
• Tool / storage shelf capacity 15 kg
• Rising handrail on both sides
• Anti-deflection biscuits on the longest steps
• Ergonomic and oversized non-slip rubber pads for maximum adherence to the ground
• Labels and user and maintenance manual
• Shrink wrap packaging
• Test certificate according to Italian regulations

• Wheels diameter 125 mm
• Load capacity 150 kg
• Watch-body with height 100 cm
• Toe stopper 15 cm
• Profile uprights 100x30 mm
• Climbing ramp width 60 cm
• Ribbed aluminum platform (53x67 cm)
• Step between the steps 24 cm
• 10 cm non-slip flat steps
• n. steps: from 4 to 15
• Platform heights: from 1.00 to 3.90 m


Hurry! only 98999 items left in stock.