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Scaffold Metal 7 H.8.85 Mt. complete work


Scaffolding metal 7 code METAL7885
Galvanized iron scaffolding model Metal 7 h. Work 8.85 Mt. Working height dim. basic Cm 200x92
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The galvanized iron scaffolding Mod. Metal 7 Italian production by Piscopiello Ponteggi Srl. The scaffolding reaches a maximum working height of 8.85 and 6.85 meters on the floor and 7.80 meters in size. The metal 8 scaffold is made up of a base complete with 150 mm swivel wheels with brakes, 160 cm spans. and 100 cm terminal parapet. It can be equipped with various accessories in addition to the equipment shown below.

Dimensions Metal 7 H. 850 CM

Overall height

7,80 mt

Max working height

8,85 mt

Top floor height allowed

6,85 mt

Max engorgement width base

2,00 mt

Base length

0,92 mt

Total weight

110 Kg


Base complete with 150 mm swivel wheels with brake

Pc 1

 Riser 160 cm(2 shoulders, 2 diagonals, 2 horizontal)

Pc 4

 Terminal riser 120 cm(2 shoulder ends 2 diag. 2 horizontal)

Pc 1

Floor protection kit

Pc 1

Complete worktop with trap door (dim.173x72 cm)

Pc 2

Half starting ladder support plane 

Pc 1

Perimeter toeboard on the work surface

Pc 1

nternal aluminum ladder with hooks 

Pc 1

Internal aluminum ladder adjustable with hooks

Pc 1

Stabilizing rod

Pc 4 

Regulations and Flows

Compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08 Anchored every 4
Compliant with UNI EN 1004
Load capacity for work surface 180 Kg
Maximum load on structure 500 kg

Metal 7 scaffolding technical sheet

Illustration of heights Scaffolding Metal 7 H. 8.85

: M7780HD
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Data sheet

da 8 a 9 mt
Ferro zincato
200x110 cm.
Metal 7

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