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Aluminum balcony scaffolding from 2 2.5 and 3 mt.


Balcony scaffolding mt. 1.98 - 2.50 - 3.00 m

Aluminum balcony scaffolding 0.74 m deep
The scaffolding is equipped with both lateral and frontal overhang select the size in the "length" window


Lunghezza : Da 1.98 m
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Scaffolding or better known as (cantilever scaffolding) designed for renovations on balconies, The scaffolding is entirely made of aluminum, equipped with a lateral and front overhang. Simple and very quick to assemble. The balcony scaffolding allows a significant saving of time and money, in fact it does not occupy public land and replaces the classic assembly of the classic scaffolding.

Reference legislation: Legislative Decree 81/2008 with anchoring obligation

Technical features:

  • Uprights in aluminum tube Ø 50 mm
  • Anti-slip step in tube Ø 50 mm
  • Ø 150 mm nylon wheels covered in polyurethane foam with stabilizing adjustment up to 200 mm and pedal braking device.

The balcony scaffolding  balcony scaffolding is available in three different lengths 198 cm 250 cm and 300 cm can be transformed into a traditional m. 4.075, has 4 wheels with brake and telescopic legs up to a 25 cm difference in height.

scheda trabattello a balcone in alluminiocomposizione trabattello a sbalzo

Hurry! only 98 items left in stock.