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Fall protection railing for inclined flat slabs and vertical curbs MH77


Certified galvanized steel upright for flat inclined flat slabs and vertical curbs. Maximum clamping thickness 55 cm. Rapid approach of the vice to the veil or curb TECHNICAL SHEET FOR MH7 UPRIGHT

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The mh77 fall arrest parapet allows installation on flat slabs on inclined slabs with a maximum of 30 °. The parapet is ideal for installation on balconies terraces, etc.

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Reference standards and certifications
UNI EN 13374: 2004 standard
Temporary edge protection systems' product specification and test methods.
Legislative Decree No. 81 of April 90, 2008
Protection of health and safety in the workplace.
The parapet has not been tested by any laboratory since being usable for roofs belonging to class A, i.e. for slopes less than 10 ° (equal to a slope of 18%), a project drawn up by an engineer is sufficient enabled and there is no obligation to carry out laboratory tests in accordance with point 5.2.1 of UNI EN 13374 standards.

: MH77
Hurry! only 9978 items left in stock.