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Inclined roof parapet upright 170 cm MH100

Inclined roof parapet upright 170 cm MH100


Galvanized parapet of temporary, tessellable protection for inclined roofs with 170 cm post MH100 Product certified according to current regulations.

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Temporary parapet for securing pitched roofs with a maximum slope of 30 °. The MH100 protection parapet is designed for fixing by means of dowels underneath or under the cornice. The parapet has the possibility of tilting the upright with respect to the base, to allow the upright to always work in the position as close as possible to the vertical and in any case within +/- 15 ° recognized by the standard.

Application examples:

montaggio parapetto provvisorio

The post for temporary parapet is made up of the following components: the vertical support (1), on which the L-shaped brackets for handrail and intermediates are welded and the lower L-shaped sliding bracket (3) which it has been specifically designed to be positioned on the work surface, to ensure that the toe board is as close as possible to the walking surface. A jumper (6) is welded to the base of the upright (1) which serves to fix the lower part of the upright (5) on which the fixing plate to the slab (4) slides in the most suitable position (by tilting if necessary).

Reference standards and certifications

UNI EN 13374: 2013 standard
Temporary edge protection systems' product specification and test methods.
Legislative Decree No. 81 of April 9, 2008
Protection of health and safety in the workplace.
The parapet has been tested by the Emiliano Geotechnological Laboratory s.r.l. of Parma (Aut. Min. LL.
PP. Decree n. 16386 of 13.06.1977 and subsequent renewals): Certificate No. 1453/2011 of 01/06/2011

Parapet Technical Sheet

Useful height     

170 cm

Maximum distance from the facade of the building

14.7 cm

Riser tube

50x30x2.0 mm

Support tube


Parapet weight

9.6 kg


class A according to EN 13374: 2013

Center distance of the uprights

120 cm

Threaded rod M14
Anchor plate with section  22.5x14.7 cm
Section support plate


: MH100-R1
Hurry! only 9942 items left in stock.