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Aluminum scaffold DOGE 65 H. from 4.30 to 10.30 Mt


Aluminum scaffolding DOGE 65

Scaffolding DOGE 65 dim. Base mt. 0.94x1.69 working height from mt. 4.30 to 10.30

Complete according to UNI EN 1004

Select the working height that best suits your needs in the window below

Altezza lavoro: : Mt. 4.30 Cod. DG6/1CEN
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Aluminum scaffolding DOGE 65 IL highly professional scaffolding, easy and quick to assemble, built entirely with the best industrial technologies currently available. The DOGE 65 scaffolding and the details that distinguish it enhance its practicality, its safety and design.

Download the brochure in pdf format

Use the table below to choose the working heights suited to your needs and check them in the box above (Work height)

Tabella doge 65 altezza

nb. The working height, that is the height that you will reach with your arms stretched upwards and always 1 m. higher than the structure height.

Structural features Aluminum scaffolding DOGE 65

Montante trabattello

The steps, square section mm. 30x30 are strongly locked to the rectangular uprights of the shoulders of mm. 25x65 without the aid of rivets or various welds

The arrows or diagonals are equipped with quick spring connections (stainless steel) that lock diagonal aluminum hooks with extreme ease and safety to the nylon mushrooms with which the shoulders are equipped

aggancio diagonali in alluminio

The search for advanced industrial technologies has made it possible to equip the ends of the shoulders of DOGE with jointings made with a galvanized steel core and covered with nylon compounds with very high impact and torsion resistance.

sistemi di aggancio goge 65

The lateral crosspieces are equipped with solid castings of aluminum designed to contain the vertical joints of the shoulders.
Once the shoulders are in the crossbars and just rotate the spring tie rod in a vertical position to obtain a single very solid anti-thread locking between the shoulders and crossbars.

DOGE 65 can be equipped with accessories

Levellers that increase stability by enlarging the dimensions at the base. Telescopic screw levelers with excursion up to 450 mm. (Not supplied)

Basamento doge 65

The aluminum stabilizers, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, are equipped with aluminum vice blocks and widen the base up to 1320 mm. each.

The wheels with brakes are linked to the structure by basic aluminum alloy monoblocs, designed to accommodate the levelers, resist shocks, withstand workloads and have a visual impact of exclusive design.

piano di lavoro doge

The worktops with trap door and without trap door have the structure as in aluminum and the perimeter band stops 150 mm. they are designed for a load capacity of 200 kg.

The walking surface is in phenolic plywood covered in anti-slip melamine foil.
thus high resistance to atmospheric agents is guaranteed.

esplosi trabattello

guida strutture trabattelli

: DG6/1CEN
Hurry! only 9999 items left in stock.

Data sheet

169x94 cm
Europea EN 1004
Italiana D.Lgs 81/08
Doge 65

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