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Aluminum scaffold Pinna Clic-clac H. 6.45 Working


Aluminum scaffolding Pinna Clic-clac

Maximum working height 6.46 m

Base dimensions 114x156 cm

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Disponibile : Tempi di consegna 15 gg

Loghi trabattello facal pinna clic clac

Pinna clic-clac  scaffolding is a cost-effective scaffold accessible by most users who need to carry out maintenance or restoration work at significant altitudes without spending a fortune, even if at a very competitive cost, however, the scaffolding or mini scaffolding Pinna click-clack  and built with state-of-the-art technology systems in step with the times and respecting the approval criteria imposed by current legislation.

The Pinna clic clac scaffolding can be assembled quickly thanks to the horizontal and diagonal with quick and easy engagement in the rungs of the side straps and for this reason it is very versatile and simple to assemble and disassemble, with the brand new patented "Pinna" hooks the scaffold has extremely short assembly times 18 minutes in the first assembly and 8 in the subsequent ones.

We supply the scaffolding Pinna as shown in the main image illustrated above with:

Pcs 1 Basic span with wheels

Pc 1 Next span

Pc 1 Protective terminal

Pcs 4 quick-release and retractable stabilizing rods

2 Pcs Worktops with frame hatch and hooks in high quality aluminum and pine wood resistant to atmospheric agents and above all non-slip.

As proof of its great versatility, the Pinna clic-clac scaffolding can be mounted on sidewalks or elevations with overhang adjustment every 30 cm.

misure del trabattello pinna facal

Example of lame configuration mounted on overhangs

Structure technical data:

Maximum allowed working height: Mt 6.46

Overall structure height overall: Mt 5.73

Maximum height of the last floor allowed: Mt. 4.46

Base overall dimensions (without stab.): Mt 1.14x 1.56

Total scaffolding weight: Kg. 56

barra trabattello

Mounting on the side of the stabilizer bar

The Pinna clic-clac  Scaffolding offers the possibility of approaching completely the wall or the façade which must be activated thanks to the stabilizing bar placed at the base which allows mounting as well as in the center also on both sides 

stabilizzatori trabattello alluminio

Aluminum retractable quick-release stabilizing rods, sinking into the structure.

To avoid uncoupling the upper shoulder, the scaffold Pinna is equipped with rapid anti-wind tie-rods (Patent registered). The tie-rods are made of resin compounds with a steel core.

Tiranti anti vento

struttura trabattello ponteggio facal

The scaffolding will be delivered directly to your home or headquarters or building site perfectly packaged and pre-assembled with user manual, assembly instructions and expected approvals.

Hurry! only 9914 items left in stock.

Data sheet

da 6 a 7 mt
156x115 cm
Semi professionale
Italiana D.Lgs 81/08

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