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Aluminum staircase with parapet Castellana


Castellana aluminum staircase (SVELT)

Aluminum ladder with protection railing and large professional product climbing steps

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Castellana scale models table, consult for the skeleton

tabella per scale castellana svelt in alluminio


Professional double folding ladder with flat steps, with a climbing trunk, equipped with platform and body guard; (the platform is considered as a step).

Ideal for passage through doors and corridors or for storage, it has a capacity of 150 kg.
Entirely made of ribbed aluminum for work requiring a long stay of the operator at high altitude.
The Castellana staircase is suitable for cemeteries, that is, for cemetery burial niches, in airports but also for storage, installation, gyms, state archives.
Light and comfortable, it offers great stability thanks to the 100 x 30 mm uprights which give the staircase considerable rigidity even when loaded at maximum
permitted flow rate.
The particular basic conformation makes it self-leveling on floors that are not perfectly flat.


Stabilizzatore per scala svelt

The extremely important braking system is automatic, without the need for operator intervention, and is active when the ladder is in position

handling the stop pads are raised allowing the 2 wheels of diameter 125 to slide on the ground. of work. As soon as the ladder is raised by means of the special handles for the

However, the ladder must not be handled with people, objects and / or material on board. The base stabilizer is very robust since it is made up of
a double ribbed aluminum crosspiece and has a length proportional to the height of the staircase. It can however be tailored to size, but must always guarantee maximum safety against lateral overturning.

The tread of the non-slip flat steps is wide and comfortable for climbing. The long handrail allows
Scala in alluminio con parapetto castellana
a secure grip of the operator during the ascent and descent.

Two aluminum hinges obtained with the 'shell function'

Scala in alluminio con parapetto castellana

The manufacturing method allows to obtain a resistant and very elastic hinge even at low (winter) temperatures. This elasticity prevents the aluminum from cracking and breaking under strain or due to wear. They allow the staircase to be closed and opened with a simple extraction and release movement of the knob.

The simple opening / closing movement of the staircase is the winning element that distinguishes and makes Castellana a unique staircase of its kind.

Scala in alluminio con parapetto castellana
Once the portable ladder is closed it can be moved comfortably and with minimal effort as if it were a normal wheelbarrow

Scala in alluminio con parapetto castellana
The bodyguard has a height of 1.00 m and the large work platform of 67 x 52 cm is protected by a 150 mm toe-stop. The staircase is equipped with a shelf removable object holder, and a kit for assembly consisting of: 2 wrenches, 2 nuts, 2 bolts, 2 washers and assembly instructions sheet.

Hurry! only 2147483647 items left in stock.