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Aluminum staircase with Vera railing


VERA aluminum staircase

Staircase Mod. VERA with foldable aluminum protection rail

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Consult the table and select the steps of the ladder according to the desired height in the curtain above.

Tabella scale Vera  svelt

Extra large double step staircase with a single trunk with folding rubber wheels

The real and designed for professional and semi-professional uses is entirely built in all its parts in extruded ribbed aluminum. The steps are all welded to the uprights to create a single ultra-resistant block.

The stair with real parapet is equipped with 2 wheels, 2 armrests, platform, tool shelf, handrails that facilitate the ascent and protection parapet.
The ladder complies with all standards and is equipped with anti-opening and accidental closing bars.
The aluminum ladder is ideal for professional and non-professional use. But it reflects all the parameters of a professional product built with quality materials and thicknesses

Built according to the Italian legislation in force Legislative Decree 81/08 and the European UNIEN131 standard.

The large ramp, the 80 cm railing and the large 45x50 cm aluminum work platform allow it to be used as a bunk ladder.

In fact, it is equipped with anti-wear or opening reinforcement rods which also act as lifting handles for the movement itself.

The reinforcement rods can be quickly released to facilitate the overall dimensions during transport or the closure of the ladder itself.

The 125 mm diameter wheels allow the movement of the ladder.

The automatic braking system is activated when the ladder is in operation with the operator's weight. As soon as the ladder is raised by means of the special handles for movement, the stop pads are raised allowing the PVC wheels to slide on the floor. It is absolutely forbidden to move the stairs with people or things on board.

La Scala vera is supplied in heat-shrink packaging with an illustrative poster, user manual, and test certificate and label.

'¢ Aluminum platform (45x50 cm)
'¢ Parapet with height 80 cm
'¢ Wheel diameter 125 mm
'¢ Step between the steps 25 cm
'¢ Closed staircase thickness 33 cm
'¢ 8 cm non-slip flat steps
'¢ Capacity kg 150
'¢ n. steps: from 4 to 12
'¢ Platform heights: from 1.00 to 2.80 m

Immagini della scala vera svelt in alluminio

Hurry! only 9999999 items left in stock.