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Scala a sfilo in alluminio facal euro scala dama

Aluminum staircase "EURO SCALA DAMA"


Aluminum ladder Mod. EURO SCALE DAMA

Transformable aluminum staircase with two, three and four ramps.

Select the steps in reference to the table below

NB. The image is indicative of three trunks

Gradini : 6+6 Cod. D200-2
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The DAMA aluminum staircase has a high structural strength with accessories and components with a high technical content. For these characteristics, DAMA is a ladder for professional use. Due to its ease of use, the EURO DAMA ladder can also be used in the non-professional field.

The whole range complies with the European technical standard EN131-1 / 2. The tests and certifications made mandatory with Decree 23/3/2000 are performed by the Polytechnic Institute of Milan.

New rhombus steps, made with advanced technology, solid

and welcoming have an inclination of 68 °


Aluminum hinge groups allow for easy sliding of the uprights

: D200-2
Hurry! only 99999 items left in stock.

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