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Aluminum staircase "REGINA VIP"


Aluminum staircase REGINA VIP

Professional aluminum ladder with handrail, large non-slip aluminum platform, platform heights from 1.16 to 2.77 m.

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Modello : Standard
Gradini : 5
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Regina Vip various models with platform height from 1.16 to 2.77 m.

Fully structured staircase in double aluminum, steps and a rising trunk with handrails and non-slip surface in cast aluminum

The staircase is totally produced in Italy for professional use, the steps of the staircase are welded to the uprights to create an ultra-resistant monolith.

The staircase is also equipped with a comfortable and helpful tool shelf or package holder. The feature that distinguishes it from the other stairs are the long and imposing handrails to make the climb comfortable and safe.
The ladder is equipped with bars bars in steel against accidental opening and closing.
The vip queen ladder of the svelt is produced according to the Italian legislation in force Legislative Decree 81/08 and the European standard UNIEN131 of 2012

STANDARD EQUIPMENT SCALE REGINA VIP 'Tool or parcel shelf 13x29x3 cm

Steel hinges with nylon coupling
Climb handrails
Knurled and non-slip aluminum platform
Anti-opening safety hook on the platform
Anti-opening / closing steel safety bars
Ergonomic non-slip rubber pads for maximum adherence to the ground, even slippery
Support base reinforcement bars placed on the longest step of the staircase
Labels and user and maintenance manual
Shrink packaging with poster
Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations

Tabella dati tecnici scala regina vip svelt

 Automatic platform in aluminum 35 x 25.5 cm
 8 cm non-slip flat steps
 Distance between steps 25 cm
 Body-guard height 60 cm
 New upright ramp section 80x25 mm (boxed)
 Backrest uprights section mm 50x25
 Closed thickness 26 cm
 n. steps: 5 to 12
 Platform heights: from 1.16 m to 2.77 m

 4 self-braking wheels

Hurry! only 9999998 items left in stock.